Justin Theroux: I didn't understand relationship fixation

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03 October 2015

Actor Justin Theroux found the media attention surrounding his relationship with Jennifer Aniston frustrating in the early stages of their romance.

The Leftovers star began dating the former Friends actress in 2011 before proposing in 2012. The couple secretly tied the knot in August (15) and Justin admits it took him a while to get used to the constant reports about their relationship.

'It was frustrating earlier on when we first got together'

"It was frustrating earlier on when we first got together because I didn’t understand it," he confessed to The Daily Beast. "(Fame) has never been a motivator for me in any way. I’ve always had a pretty pragmatic attitude, which is ‘work hard.’ And then I happened to fall in love with someone who is also a hardworking actor. And that was it.”

The couple managed to hide the nuptials from the media until the very last minute. While both stars have revealed few details about their wedding, the 44-year-old doesn't begrudge people being interested in their life.

"If they want to be interested, they can,” he added. “I’ve said this before, but it’s almost like having an avatar born, or a clone, this clone that’s completely insane. They’re out in this world doing their own thing and it has no bearing on my life or what I do or what happens in my house or my life. And so I maintain a completely healthy distance from that, because I don’t know that guy.”

Instead, Justin prefers to focus on his career and his starring role in the hit HBO series.

The Leftovers focuses on people left behind after two per cent of the world's population disappears suddenly. The success of the show is in stark contrast to his first forays into television when he was starting out as an actor, with stints on programmes including Sex and the City and Six Feet Under.

"I was very young,” he explained. “It was like putting your foot in dog s**t and you’re like, ‘It’s warm,’ and then you realise, ‘Oh f**k it’s dog s**t.’ I didn’t know any better. I think when you’re starting out acting you don’t think you get an opinion. You’re just trying to get a job. You’re just trying to eat some food. It’s only eventually you realise, ‘Oh I’m allowed to have taste. I’m allowed to do what I want to do.’

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