Justin’s emperor-size ego further out of control

By admin
02 October 2013

OMG – JUSTIN BIEBER’s behaviour in China has topped even his previous bratty antics, which included spitting at his female fans, peeing in a restaurant’s mop bucket and being late for his own concerts.

So what did the ever-charming Biebs do this time? He forced his bodyguards to carry him on their shoulders all up the way up the Great Wall of China. The photo was posted by a fan on Instagram, which caused a flurry of activity on Twitter among the star’s Beliebers. But rather than being outraged, many were merely amused by it.

“LOL, what a princess,” one wrote. “I still can’t get over the fact that Justin made his bodyguards carry him to the top o [sic] the great wall of China. He is lazy like me ha ha,” wrote another.

Some didn’t find it so funny. “Justin, dude, u actually asked people to carry you? Somebody’s going a little diva I see.”

It didn’t end there for the star’s security posse. Fans also posted pictures on Twitter of them running after their pint-sized boss as he skateboarded around Beijing. “I feel for Justin’s bodyguards,” Tweeted one fan while another added, “Justin’s bodyguards must be very highly paid.”

Do you think Justin’s behaviour is justifiable or do you think he’s going out of his way to humiliate them? Comment below or tell us on Twitter @YOUMagazine or on Facebook.

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