Kaley Cuoco: My surprise wedding rocked!

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21 January 2015

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting felt like she was in a rock concert at her wedding.

The Big Bang Theory star married tennis pro Ryan Sweeting on December 31 2013, after getting engaged the previous September. They'd only been dating for three months when Ryan popped the question and decided to spring their nuptials on friends and family.

"Well, we didn’t tell people we were getting married! So at 10.30pm, we moved everyone into a room filled with chandeliers and I showed up in my dress," she recalled to Us Weekly magazine. "It was so cool to see the surprise. The aisle was a foot wide and I got to touch every single person. Everyone was screaming! It was like having our own concert."

At the end of last year Kaley hit the headlines when she said she was not a feminist in an interview, comments she later claimed were misconstrued.

She's not sought to clarify things, explaining she's proud to have created her career on her own but also likes going home to Ryan and looking after him. She sees that as a great example of a woman juggling her life, insisting that if a guy said such a thing they'd be called Superman.

The 29-year-old also dismisses claims she and Ryan acted too fast when they got married. For Kaley there was no point waiting around as she knew what her future held.

"Everything I do is fast. I make quick decisions and don’t look back. On day three, I thought, I don’t want to spend another day without him," she said. "In our industry, especially, everyone’s looking for the next best thing - the better boyfriend, the better lipstick. The grass is always greener. But marriage takes effort. And when I met Ryan on a blind date, I knew that no matter what came along, I was going to make it work."

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