Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting: No kids, just dogs for now!

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29 August 2015

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting says she’ll have children “soon enough”.

The Big Bang Theory actress married tennis player Ryan Sweeting on New Year’s Eve 2013 after a whirlwind romance.

But when it comes to starting a family, the couple are taking their time and are happy to focus on their canine companions for now.

'I like surprising people'

Asked if she was planning to have children anytime soon, Kaley told Entertainment Tonight: “Soon enough. Just dogs now. I enjoy four legs, so that would be weird.”

Kaley will celebrate her milestone 30th birthday in November and opened up to the outlet about her plans.

But following Ryan’s huge surprise party for her birthday last year, she thinks it will be hard to come up with something to surpass it.

"I don't know what we'll do this year, we kind of blew it out of the water last year,” she said. “I like surprising people, I don't like being surprised. I'm sure we'll think of something special. It is an important birthday, so I'm excited."

Kaley and Ryan stunned friends and family when they got engaged in September 2013 after just three months of dating.

But the pair have defied their critics and seem to be happier than ever.

When asked about the secrets to a happy marriage, Kaley said it’s her husband’s desire to please her on a day to day basis that makes her happiest.

"When he calls and says 'I'm going to pick up the groceries', I'm like 'I love you, thank you, I really appreciate that!' It's the little things," she said.

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