Kanye: I want to break down racism

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13 March 2015

Kanye West has opened up about racism in a new interview.

The rapper has been criticised in the past for using the n-word in his tracks. But Kanye says while the term is considered offensive now, he is trying his best to break down the connotations of it.

“It’s all in the context,” Kanye told French outlet Clique TV. “It’s the context that right now that socially pulls things in and out. So I’ll say a really big statement that in the future, I feel it will be more widely accepted, for a younger generation, that doesn’t deal with the negative effects of it.

'I’m on a similar mission of breaking down these words and these stereotypes and this imagery'

“I’m on a similar mission of breaking down these words and these stereotypes and this imagery. If you think about the Yeezus tour I used a Confederate flag much like the punk movement would use that German symbol, I don’t even want to speak on it, and flip it upside down and put a cross on it. But me I took this Confederate flag and wore it on my arm and was like, now what? What if I, as a black guy, take this thing that’s used to be racist against… Now what? Because people get so caught up in the wrong things and want to point fingers off of content over intent.”

Kanye also opened up about his feelings about Drake. The 37-year-old musician has long been pitted against his fellow rapper, however, Kanye insists that a certain level of competition is healthy in all aspects of life.

“I think competition is an important part of hip-hop. I think it’s an important part of everything – fashion, architecture – everything has to be a competition,” he said. “I think healthy competition is better than rivalry. I think rivalry becomes like a cancer, it becomes like termites in your house. I think healthy competition is something where you appreciate how hard this person goes. I think that Michael Jackson needed Prince – everybody needs somebody to kick their a** a little bit.”

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