Karabo’s new man

Tense. That’s the only way to describe the situation developing between Karabo and Lungile Mabena. Why is she so unsettled by him and what exactly are his motives? And what about the Paul/Karabo/Dineo triangle – will Paul and Karabo eventually tie the knot or will Dineo get her man?

Keep watching, Generations addicts, and all will be revealed. But for fans of South Africa’s top show there’s more to this drama than just another sizzling soap storyline. It’s probably the last chance we’ll have to see whether perpetually unlucky-in-love Karabo finally finds happiness – in the arms of either Paul or Lungile.

Karabo, as every fan will know, won’t be around much beyond October as Connie Ferguson (40) – the actress who has played her for the past 16 years – is leaving the show that has made her a household name.

With three months to go before her grand exit we got Connie together with Buyile Mdladla, who plays Lungile, to see if we could get the low-down on what’s to come.

But, ever professional, they just smile and bat away our questions.

Buyile is extremely shy, which is strange for a guy who has been presenting on radio and TV for years and acted in shows such as Hard Copy and Isidingo.

“I’m usually quite reserved,” he says. “That’s why I enjoy playing Lungile so much because I can let go. I love the way he’s so fearless and assertive.”

Buyile is a true gentleman, polite and soft-spoken, unlike go-getter Lungile, who is the kind of guy who’ll do whatever it takes to get what he wants. But Karabo might be the answer for him.

Karabo is always attracted to the bad boy, the mysterious loner who ends up breaking her heart – guys such as Lungile, Connie says.

“I must admit I’m tired of the ‘poor Karabo’ comments,” she laments. “It seems as if she’ll never find happiness.”

Unlike their characters both Buyile and Connie lead fulfilling family lives – which they share with YOU in the 15 July issue.