Kate Bosworth: Don't take work so seriously

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02 February 2015

Kate Bosworth doesn't think actors need to bleed for their craft.

The star is getting ready for the release of her latest movie, Still Alice, a heartbreaking tale of a linguistics professor who gets diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. Julianne Moore takes on the lead role of Alice, with Kate playing one of her grown up children. Recalling her time on set Kate says Julianne, who's bagged a Golden Globe and SAG Award and has a best actress Oscar nomination for the part, was able to switch in and out of charter with ease.

'We need to tear into ourselves and be in pain and bleed for the craft'

"I do think most actors - having done this from when I was 14 until 30, now, and watching someone like Julie who's done this far longer than I have, I do think there's a decision. Probably we all as youngsters came out of the gate like, 'We need to tear into ourselves and be in pain and bleed for the craft.' And then you kind of realise, like, I don't want to do that," Kate explained to Lucky magazine.

"That's a bit sophomoric. You become more professional, just through experience."

The film also stars Alec Baldwin and Kristen Stewart and has wowed audiences.

With such a tough subject matter it's easy to assume the atmosphere on set was tense, but Kate reveals Alec and Julianne made sure the cast and crew didn't get too depressed.

"In the work it was [draining], but Julie and Alec, they set such an important tone - the role is so intense and heavy, and they set a very joyful, light tone. They've done all the work before they stepped on set. That was something really important for me to observe as I gain more experience and acknowledge the people that I admire and how they process things.

"Everything is already thought out and decided before they get on set, so when they do get on, it's fun, it's light - even among really heavy subject matter. That was the joy they brought," she smiled.

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