Kate Bosworth making 'movie babies'

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01 February 2015

Kate Bosworth wants to create more "film babies" before having a child of her own.

The blonde actress tied the knot with filmmaker Michael Polish in 2013 and the couple keep themselves busy with various projects.

While becoming parents is on the cards for them in the future, Kate insists they're in no rush.

"Every decision we look at together as a family and make sure we are coordinating everything. But we've been together almost four years, and we've never spent longer than a week apart in that whole time. It's certainly a conscious decision, knowing that you have to nurture the relationship before anything else - for me, that's the most important thing," she explained to the British edition of Marie Claire magazine.

"But I think we're a few years away yet [from expanding our family]. We have a few more film babies we want to create first."

One of her latest ventures is Still Alice, which follows linguistics professor Dr. Alice Howard (Julianne Moore) as she comes to terms with having Alzheimer's. Kate plays her daughter Anna and while it isn't a big role, the star was immediately drawn to the powerful story after reading the novel by Lisa Genova, which the film is based on.

"The book really spoke to me, because my 92-year-old grandmother suffers from dementia. And I called my manager to ask if anyone was making it into a film. At that very moment, they were looking to cast the role of Anna," she explained.

The movie has already seen Julianne pick up several big accolades for her performance, including best actress at the Golden Globes and SAGS, and she's currently in the running for an Oscar.

Kate isn't worried about having a minor part, as she takes the lead in upcoming drama 90 Minutes in Heaven, helmed by her husband. Giving a cheeky chuckle, the actress noted how being married to a director is enjoyable, as the female lead always gets cast before the man.

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