Kate Moss 'slammed pilot'

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09 June 2015

Kate Moss reportedly labelled the pilot of the plane she was thrown off a "basic b***h".

The supermodel caused a stir on a flight with budget airline easyJet over the weekend, with other flyers claiming she was downing vodka and being disruptive on the way back to Luton airport.

Kate was on a flight home to the UK from Bodrum, Turkey, where she'd been celebrating pal Sadie Frost's upcoming 50th birthday. Once on the airplane a fellow flyer said Kate was refused alcohol, so decided to pour her own.

'The easyJet crew was acting out of proportion'

"She called the pilot a 'basic b***h' as police led her off the plane, she was a little drunk and had a disagreement with another passenger on the flight as she was refused alcohol and then went to serve her own vodka from her cabin luggage," the passenger told British newspaper The Daily Mail.

"But she was not aggressive to anyone and was funny really, the easyJet crew was acting out of proportion."

Kate's close friend Marc Jacobs recently uploaded a video of the pair messing around in Rome, with the fashion favourites quoting a 2012 YouTube clip entitled Calling All the Basic B***hes.

The onlooker went on to reveal that another passenger seemed particularly irked by Kate, although she couldn't see what the problem was.

"As we left the plane, Kate and her friends were stood with police and another passenger was stood separately talking to another officer. This lady was then complaining to other passengers in the baggage hall about Kate. Kate and her friends then arrived in baggage claim.

"Whilst on board they kept themselves to themselves but appeared to chat to the family next to them... including playing hairdressers with a young girl," she added.

In keeping with eayJet's policy of banning some passengers who have been escorted off one of its flights, 41-year-old Kate may not be able to travel with the airline again.

However, a spokeswoman for the company wouldn't confirm if this was the case.

"It is really done on an individual basis depending on what takes place on board. It does happen that disruptive passengers are banned but it is done on a case by case basis. I can't give individual details on an individual case.

"We treat all passengers the same, regardless of who they are," she told British newspaper The Mirror.

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