Kate Moss was a stripper in a past life

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04 November 2015

Supermodel Kate Moss believes she was a stripper in her past life, and she's already decided what she'll be next time around.

The 41-year-old fashion star is still at the top of her career but now only takes jobs which really excite her. That leaves her free time for other pursuits, such as considering how she might have spent her life if she hadn't been scouted at the age of 14. Kate is famed for her close friendships with many rock stars - she even recorded a track with band Primal Scream and is married to The Kills' Jamie Hince - so unsurprisingly music is high on the list.

'I’m going to be a rock star'

"Well in my next life, I’m going to be a rock star," she told Hello! Fashion Monthly. "I was a ballerina in my last life. No, a stripper in my last life and in my next life, I’ll be a ballerina or a rock star, depending on how this one goes."

Daydreaming about a different kind of life doesn't take up all of the model's time though. At one time Kate was famous for partying but that seems to have mellowed, as now one of her favourite things to do is conjure up condiments in the kitchen. Her damson and quince concoction is so famous among her group of friends it's even been given its own name.

"I make jam and oh my God, it is so delicious," she gushed. "My signature jam is damson or quince and it’s called Kate’s Sweet and Sticky. Basically I’m a domestic goddess. I gave it to (TV chef) Jamie Oliver and his kids texted my kid the next day, saying, 'Oh, your mum’s jam is really good, we just had some and it’s better than Dad’s.' Take that Jamie Oliver."

Kate was joined by fellow model Cara Delevingne for the interview. The pair are known to be good friends and have worked for Burberry together, with Cara explaining that Kate helped her find her way in what can be a very tough business.

"She taught me to be my own person and to say no and to not live for other people and that was probably the most important thing," Cara said.

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