Kate Upton reveals beauty secrets

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28 February 2015

Kate Upton says Lauren Hutton is her beauty inspiration.

The model-turned-actress is known worldwide for her amazing figure and flawless complexion.

But when it comes to taking tips from another famous face, there is only one star that Kate will look to.

'I think she's a natural beauty and really stays true to who she is'

“I always like Lauren Hutton, I think she's a natural beauty and really stays true to who she is,” Kate explained during a Twitter chat via Marie Claire to promote Bobbi Brown’s new Hot collection, of which she is the face.

During the lengthy chat, Kate was questioned about her own make-up tips and lifestyle advice.

And she admitted that she has even learned ways to conceal her bad habits.

When asked what her favourite nail colour was, Kate replied: “I bite my nails so a simple nude makes them look longer!”

Kate also spoke about her tips for being as confident as possible.

Whether she is baring her body in a tiny bikini or sharing the screen alongside Cameron Diaz, Kate never appears to have any self-confidence issues.

And asked what her secret is, Kate replied: “I focus more on myself and don't compare myself to other people! And girl's night out never hurts!

“I think inner beauty is being a confident happy person and it really shows! Be the best you, you can be.”

She later added that confidence can even make you sexier, explaining: “To me, there is nothing sexier than a woman who is #confident in her own skin.”

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