Kate vs Kim

By admin
03 May 2013

Two brunettes, two bumps, two very different styles

They're both in their early thirties, pregnant with their first babies and due to give birth at around the same time. Their every public move is recorded by ever-present photographers and their outfits pored over by fans and fashionistas.

While Kate has stayed loyal to her classic sense of style, opting for demure wrap dress- es and beautifully tailored coats, Kim has been stepping out in curve-clinging numbers that leave little to the imagination. Everything she tries seems to go wrong.

Her recent attempts at a more subdued style has “resulted in meltdown”, as the Daily Mail put it. “In ill-fitting shifts, skirts and skyscraper heels, she looks mumsy and clumsy.”

You decide - find more pics in YOU, 9 May 2013 as compiled by Nicola Whitfield.

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