Kate Winslet: 'Talking about salaries is vulgar'

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11 November 2015

Kate Winslet is against comparing her earnings to her male counterparts as she fears talking about money is "a bit vulgar".

The gender pay gap has been a hot topic of discussion within Hollywood since last year, when it was revealed actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams were paid less than their male co-stars Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale for work on acclaimed drama American Hustle.

The wage inequality was exposed when the databases of Sony Pictures Entertainment were hacked, and Jennifer has since written an article on the debate, insisting she had no idea she was being paid less until leaked emails appeared online.

She also declared she did not want to campaign for more money as she was worried about seeming "difficult" or "spoiled".

Many stars came out in support of her article, including Bradley and his Burnt co-star Sienna Miller, but Titanic actress Kate does not want to discuss the topic because she does not like talking about her finances.

'I'm having such a problem with these conversations'

"I'm having such a problem with these conversations," Kate tells BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat. "I understand why they are coming up but maybe it's a British thing. I don't like talking about money - it's a bit vulgar isn't it?

"I don't think that's a very nice conversation to have publicly at all... I'm quite surprised by these conversations to be honest, simply because it seems quite a strange thing to be discussing out in the open like that... I am a very lucky woman and I'm quite happy with how things are ticking along."

When asked if she has experienced sexism in the film industry, she replies, "Honestly no... And if I'd ever been in that situation I would have either dealt with it or removed myself from it.

"I find all this quite uncomfortable... I haven't ever felt that I've really had to stick up for myself just because I'm a woman."

Sienna Miller recently urged actresses to boycott projects which do not give female stars equal pay after she quit a Broadway play over a salary dispute.

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