Kate Winslet's daughter jealous of Liam Hemsworth smooch

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05 October 2014

Kate Winslet's daughter is jealous she gets to make out with Liam Hemsworth on screen.

Kate Winslet's daughter is jealous she gets to make out with Liam Hemsworth on screen. The 38-year-old actress will start filming The Dressmaker soon, in which she plays a woman hell-bent on revenge. Her character enters into a relationship with a much younger man, played by 24-year-old Liam. Kate's eldest child, 14-year-old Mia, who she has with her ex-husband Jim Threapleton, turned green with envy when she heard who her mom was getting cosy with.

'My kids are not on-set kids'

"Oh yes, she will [be jealous]!" Kate laughed to the latest edition of British Marie Claire magazine about Mia.

"And now she's seen Divergent and realises how cool this film that Mummy was doing last year was, she is of course over the moon I'm filming Insurgent and she'll get to come meet Shay [Shailene Woodley] and Theo [James]."

Kate also has ten-year-old Joe with her ex-spouse Sam Mendes and Bear, who will turn one in December, with current husband Ned Rocknroll. But none of her children lead a particularly glamorous life.

"My kids are not on-set kids, and when they do come to set, it really is for a visit, and they find it fascinating and always have lots of questions," she said.

"They're great kids who jump in feet first. I think me being that way has rubbed off on them. Being exposed to seeing me love what I do is great."

Juggling her career with motherhood isn't always easy, and there's a lot of travelling. Gwyneth Paltrow famously lamented the struggles faced by mothers in the acting industry, but Kate has a different mindset.

"We've heard a lot from actresses recently about how difficult it is. But we should never be saying that it's difficult because we are so bl***y lucky," she argued.

"It's just not an OK thing to share. It's always a juggle, but isn't it for every working mother?"

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