Katie Holmes: lonely, sad and too thin

By admin
19 August 2011

Actress Katie Holmes claims to have an insatiable sweet tooth.

“If you’re not eating sugar you’re not living,” she says. She says she loves dark chocolate, carrot cake and chocolate chip cookies and indulges in a vanilla latte every day.

But if this is true and Katie is indeed a rampant sugarholic she must have one of the most efficient metabolisms in the world – either that or sweet treats are all she eats.

Anyone blessed with eyesight can see the 32-year-old actress is becoming skinnier and skinnier.

Her dwindling frame has become one of the hottest topics among Hollywood gossip columnists and the paparazzi stalk the Mad Money star every time she heads to the beach or pool, hoping for another glimpse of her bony back, scrawny shoulders or concave belly.

Insiders say Katie weighs 53 kg – too little for her 1,72 m frame – and the theories abound about whyTom Cruise’s wife is fading away.

Some say it’s because she has become an exercise nut and Katie admits she loves a good workout.

"I’m really into my running,” she said recently. “Running helps me clear my head and makes me feel good.”

But gossipmongers claim there’s another reason why Katie is kicking the kilos – it’s her way of maintaining some control of her body.

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