Keep calm and drive better with slower music

By admin
17 October 2013

Study shows choice of music can get motorists into trouble on the road

Are you rocking it out to Kings of Leon, Eminem and Avicii when you’re driving? By simply swopping those CDs for some Norah Jones and Sarah Sarah McLachlan you could instantly become less of a menace behind the wheel. This is the conclusion of recent research which indicates certain genres of music might affect your mood, which in turn could affect your driving.  The study by, a Canadian online comparison site for insurance and other financial tools, shows by listening to certain types of music drivers are more likely to speed or commit more serious offences such as reckless driving. Researchers found that any fast, hard and angry-sounding music got transferred to drivers’ behavior, resulting in them being more likely to speed. Tranquil music had the opposite effect, resulting in more calm drivers. Close to 50 per cent of heavy metal listeners in the survey reported getting between one and three speeding fines compared with just 40 per cent of the rest of the respondents. On the flip side, the study found that almost all folk music lovers had never received a speeding ticket. As music can impact your mood, why not test this out next time you hit the road? If you find that hard rock stresses you out or makes you more reckless, you could experiment with a milder, smoother genre. The results might even benefit your pocket!

?Faiza Mallick (@MsFaiza)

Source: Press release, Dial Direct Insurance

Photo: Flickr - Antti T. Nissinen

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