Keep it zipped, Mr Prez!

By admin
12 February 2010

Dear President Zuma,

I won’t address you as Father of the Nation because I know you don’t like formalities. I treasure your allowing me to still call you by your Zulu name, Innocent.

For all the years we have passed each other in the passages of power you have always treated me with great respect. Granted, I’ve never been alone in a room with you for more than a minute.

People have come to me in the past few days and said, “Evita, talk to him. Make him realise he is not just a song-and-dance man.”

Of course you’re not. You were a major player in the Strug¬gle against apartheid, and let the world now know that you have been responsible for extraordinary things during the past 30 years. But nothing as extraordinary as your personal collection of beautiful wives.

Liewe aarde, Innocent, what competition are you trying to win here?

How is it possible that a man who is so involved in politics as president of a young democracy that needs as much supervision as a 16-year-old delinquent child finds so much time to share with not just one wife but three?

At what time of day can you get to your office if there are so many wives to kiss goodbye in the morning? And you have to be fair and kiss them all, other¬wise we will sit with a never-ending television series called Desperate First Ladies!

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