Keeping it Fresh

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08 April 2011

There’s something about him that just screams, “Look at me!” Perhaps it’s the numerous tattoos that adorn his muscular body or the smooth way he walks into the room.

Maybe it’s his deep drawl, that infectious belly laugh, the heaps of charisma or his ability to pump up a crowd with just a few house tracks.

Whatever it is that defines 5FM’s DJ Fresh, he has lots of it. The Botswana-born star, whose real name is Thato Sikwane, is hot property on radio, at parties and at exotic locations all over the world and now on TV as host of’s Tropika Island of Treasure.

Fresh (38), who readers voted most popular celebrity at 2008’s YOU Spectacular, has crept into the hearts of his audience as presenter of the popular 5FM afternoon show, The Fresh Drive.

“When I started there in 2006 I knew listeners were resistant to the idea of having a black DJ on the drive-time slot,” he says. “You can’t blame people for being unhappy at the change – this was something they weren’t used to.”

Now that resistance is a thing of the past – Fresh has tripled the number of listeners tuning into the afternoon show. “People listen because I talk about issues they’re thinking about but are scared to vocalise.”

He’s usually fiercely private but today he’s happy to chat his wife, Thabiso Sikwane, who hosts a radio show on Kaya FM.

The fact she’s in broadcasting is one of the things that attracted him to her. “She works in the same environment so she understands it.”

They have two children, Thato (8) and Wandida (2). Fresh also has a daughter, Rene (16), who lives in Botswana with her mother. Thato is starting to become as cheeky as he was when he was a child, Fresh says.

“I was always getting into trouble even if I was playing by myself,” he recalls. “Once when I was eight I was playing with the lawnmower and petrol in the garage and made this petrol trail which I lit. I managed to burn down half the garage. All I can say is I earned all the hidings I got.”

His work schedule makes it challenging to spend a lot of time with his family. “It helps that my wife knows the pressure of the job,” he says. “But I always make time for them. I’m a strict diary man. I write everything down so I know where I need to be and don’t end up missing their concerts or anything like that.”

He’s a successful businessman too and has turned his passion for house music into a moneyspinner by releasing CD compilations and recently released his 24th album, F.eU Too, with DJ Euphonik.

Read more about DJ Fresh in YOU, 14 April 2011.

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