Keeping mum: Miranda Lambert wouldn't admit pregnancy

By admin
04 June 2014

Miranda Lambert would never confirm speculation she is pregnant and won't announce any happy news until after she gives birth.

Miranda Lambert wouldn't tell anyone if she was pregnant. The country singer and her husband Blake Shelton are tired of constant speculation about their relationship, in particular whether they plan to start a family, so she says people will only know they are having children after she has given birth. She said: "The only way that anybody will actually know I'm pregnant is when you see a child." The 30-year-old beauty admitted she constantly notices people looking for clues as to whether she is expecting a baby whenever she and her spouse go out for dinner.

'The only way that anybody will actually know I'm pregnant is when you see a child'

She told USA Today newspaper: "I can see people staring at me if we go to a restaurant."

Explaining she watches people studying her stomach and her drinks, she added: "I just want to be like, 'It's alcohol! I'm not pregnant.' You know what I mean? 'You want to smell it? It's clear, but it ain't water.' "

The Automatic singer laughed off claims she and Blake have alcohol problems - but admitted she gets "mad" if he fails to make her a drink when he prepares one for himself.

She added: "The only problem with the drinking is that if he gets up to make a drink and he doesn't make me one, I get mad. It's like, you better be bringing me a cocktail, too, buddy."

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