By admin
30 January 2014

Call her crazy, kooky or just plain whack but no one puts out a party tune quite like Kesha, whose latest song, Timber, featuring Pitbull, is already a chart-smasher!

- Of her latest album, Warrior, she says, “Some people weren’t sure if I could sing. On this record, I said ‘Let’s leave the tricks to a minimum and let me wail.’”

- The 26-year-old is set to release her memoir, My Crazy Beautiful Life. “It’s not all glamorous and it’s not all pretty, but it’s all real,” she says.

- She’s proof that fighting for your dreams regardless of your circumstances does pay off. “In less than three years I’ve gone from being the worst waitress in Los Angeles to living out my childhood dreams of singing my songs to people all over the world.”

- She drives (and loves!) a 1978 gold Pontiac Trans Am.

- She donated a vial of her own blood to rockers The Flaming Lips, for an album they collaborated together on. Wayne Coyne of The Lips said his idea was “to try to make a record that has every person’s [who collaborated] blood in it.”

- One of her favourite things to do is to take out her personal tattoo gun and ink her friends, or even herself!

- When it comes to the fans, Justin Bieber has his Beliebers, Gaga her Monsters and Kesha her Animals (a reference to her 2010 album, Animals).


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