Keith Urban talks sexy

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03 October 2014

Keith Urban likes "sexy things".

Keith Urban likes "sexy things". The country music star is currently promoting his new song Somewhere In My Car, which is accompanied by a steamy video. But the 46-year-old makes no apologies for the footage and believes it was the only option for the song. "I like sex. I like sexy things. My wife [Nicole Kidman] is sexy," he said to "And this song’s story can only really have one video!” But despite the fact he loves the video, Keith didn't want to star in it. He wants his fans to focus on the music and not watch him get hot and heavy on screen.

‘I like sex. I like sexy things. My wife is sexy’ 

"Well, certainly I was touring... but it’s not really about 'who' is doing all the making out so much as the act of it,” he explained. “I think people can ‘feel’ the lyric much more than if they’re watching me. Then it’s like, ‘Hey, that’s not Nic?’ instead of hearing the song.”

Keith is riding high in his career at the moment, with his album, Fuse, continuing to sell well around the world. He has also returned to American Idol as a judge for a second time, alongside Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr.

"Idol is in full swing through the audition cities with the shows starting to air in mid-January,” he added. “This album is firing on all cylinders with more to come from it. And yet I’m as creatively hungry and curious as I’ve ever been. It’s truly been a phenomenal year and it ain't even over yet.”

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