Keith Urban's kids tag along on tours

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16 April 2014

Keith Urban says his two daughters love going on the road with him and hanging out on his tour bus.

Keith Urban's kids "love" being on tour. The American Idol judge - who has daughters Sunday (5) and Faith (3) with wife Nicole Kidman - and his actress spouse try to stay together as much as possible, despite their hectic schedules, and their little girls are already used to life on the road.

‘We're only gone days at a time, not weeks and weeks’

Discussing balancing work and family life, he said: "We're only gone days at a time, not weeks and weeks... And when I'm touring, Nic and the girls come out and join me... The girls love the tour bus!"

The couple are currently in Australia while Nicole films independent movie Strangerland and Keith - who flies back to Los Angeles every week for American Idol filming - admires his spouse's "fearless" career choices.

Speaking on Australia's Today show, he said: "I love that she's so fearless with those choices, that she goes from something like 'Grace' [a biopic about Grace Kelly] straight into this role. It's always admirable, the fearlessness she has as an artist. She's always got cool things happening. They're always eclectic."

And the 46-year-old singer also gushed about his 46-year-old spouse's role as a wife and mother. He added: "The thing I marvel at the most is how she does that and takes care of our family. She's an amazing wife and mother. People ask me, 'How do you do it?' I say, 'It's Nic!'... She's got all of us so incredibly taken care of. She's amazing."

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