Kelly Khumalo’s new life

By admin
31 August 2012

The singer has made a comeback after the dark days of Jub Jub and drugs

An addiction to hard drugs, a promising music career in meltdown and a toxic relationship with a man on trial for murder. She’d been all but written off before she was 30.

But Kelly Khumalo is living proof you can never assume things, no matter how dire the situation.

The 29-year-old has hit the comeback trail with a vengeance: a new album, a new reality TV show and a biography are all due out in October – a month that also marks the first anniversary of her being clean and sober.

“I’m so proud I was bold enough to take that first step to get to this point,” she says. “If I hadn’t decided to change my life I would still have been in that s**t hole.”

She’s admitted to taking cocaine almost daily at the height of her habit and remembers the first time with frightening clarity.

Read more of Eddie Maluleke Kalili’s interview with Kelly in YOU 6 September 2012.

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