Kelly O: Fashion Police will be madness!

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13 January 2015

Kelly Osbourne says this season of Fashion Police will be “no holds barred”.

The 30-year-old is a host on the E! reality show, which also starred the late Joan Rivers before her passing in September 2014. And she’s revealed the upcoming incarnation of the series is set to be a wild one, with critiques reaching even further than before.

"They've told us 'no holds barred', so we finally get to say and do whatever we want," she told E! News, adding she had a feeling it was going to be “utter madness”.

It returns this coming Monday with Kathy Griffin as the new new co-host. But with busy schedules, they haven’t yet been able to rehearse so the first show will be fresh.

"We haven't been able to do a full run through of anything, because Kathy got sick, so Monday is going to be our very first day," Kelly admitted. “We're equally as excited as we are sh*tting ourselves!”

But that’s apparently okay, because in any case the candid nature of the show is part of what Kelly loves about it. She says they’ve got a lot of freedom to be in the moment.

"That's what is so fun about this job, you never know what to expect, you never know what is going to happen," Kelly said. "And at this point I don't even know what is going to come out of my mouth anymore."

Kelly and Kathy will also be joined by Guiliana Rancic and fellow new panelist Brad Goreski. The daughter of Ozzy and Sharon seems in much better spirits about the show than she was immediately following the death of her friend and colleague Joan.

“I'm excited but terrified at the same time," Kelly told Us Weekly back in December of 2014. "Change isn't fun, but it has to happen. This situation f**king sucks."

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