Kelly O: I have the BRCA1 gene

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25 March 2015

Kelly Osbourne has the BRCA1 gene.

The 30-year-old designer and presenter opened up about her health in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Kelly’s revelation comes after Angelina Jolie revealed she had made the decision to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed two years after a double mastectomy due to being a carrier of the gene.

'I have gotten tested, and I do have the gene'

"I have gotten tested, and I do have the gene, but I'm still young enough to - I mean, you can have the gene and never ever get it," Kelly said. "It's just keeping up with the doctor, going and getting checked all the time, and being responsible to yourself."

Angelina decided to have surgery as a preventative measure against cancer as her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, battled breast and ovarian cancer for eight years prior to her death in 2007.

Kelly also has a history of cancer in her family as her mother Sharon Osbourne battled colon cancer in 2002. In addition, she decided to have a double mastectomy in 2012 when she was told she was a carrier of the breast cancer gene.

"Being a daughter of a cancer survivor, my mom went and had the double mastectomy when she found out she had both genes [BRCA1 and BRCA2] because she didn't want to have to go through it again," Kelly said. "I think that it's not just a good move, but a responsible move, so that she can be the mother that she deserves to be to her children."

Kelly concluded by saying she would consider having the same procedures as Angelina in the future if it would prevent her getting cancer.

"Now that you can prevent it, it's the responsible thing to do," Kelly said. "I would do it."

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