Kelly Osbourne defends Kim Kardashian

By admin
12 June 2013

Kelly Osbourne has defended Kim Kardashian for gaining weight during her pregnancy and called her critics “deplorable”.

Kelly Osbourne thinks Kim Kardashian's weight critics are "deplorable".

The Fashion Police co-host, who recently attended the reality TV star's baby shower ahead of the birth of her first child next month, has defended her close friend, who’s been criticised for the amount of weight she’s gained during her pregnancy.

During a Q&A session with fans on Cosmopolitan magazine's Twitter profile, a fan asked the 28-year-old TV presenter, "Your girl, Kim, throughout her pregnancy has been called fat; what do you think about that?", to which Kelly replied, "I think it’s deplorable to call any pregnant woman fat!"

Kelly also offered some advice about how she stops her own critics from getting her down.

She wrote, "People who say terrible things are usually saying what they think about themselves."

Kelly previously slammed Christina Aguilera for her weight gain last year.

She said, "Maybe she is just becoming the fat b***h she was born to be. I don't know. She was a c**t to me. And she bought my house!

"She called me fat for so many f***ing years. So you know what? F**k you! You're fat too."

-Bang Showbiz

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