Kelly Rowland worked for her booty

By admin
27 February 2014

Boity's not the only one who worked hard for her beautiful bum. Kelly Rowland is proof you can sweat your way to a sexy booty.

After seeing Boity’s booty many women have now been inspired to dust off their gym membership and do their squats. Not everyone is born with a Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez derriere and the good news is you can work on something close to that without paying thousands like Nicki Minaj.

We imagine Beyonce tricked Kelly and Michelle into believing Bootylicious had nothing to do with them.

But Kelly overcame, trained and did her squats religiously when she worked with Hollywood trainer to the stars Jeanette Jenkins and now has an award-worth butt to brag about.

In short: a booty can be made; believe it, ladies!

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