Kerry Washington: Why I ban daughter from set

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05 February 2015

Kerry Washington bans her nine-month-old daughter from the Scandal set when things get too raunchy.

The Scandal (The Fixer) star welcomed her first child with her husband Nnamdi Asomugha, daughter Isabelle, in April 2014, and the tot regularly comes to work with her mom. However, with her character, Olivia Pope, regularly finding herself between the sheets with a number of men, she’s careful about when she allows the infant on the TV show set. During the more intimate scenes, Isabelle remains in her 38-year-old mother’s trailer.

“I'm pretty picky about when she’s allowed on set. I go back to the trailer when I can. Sometimes she comes to visit on set but certain scenes, as you might be able to imagine, she is not allowed,” she explained, adding that having Isabelle at work with her is fun for all the cast and crew.

'We try to be really tasteful'

Speaking of the show’s sex scenes, Kerry insisted that while they are definitely steamy, the aim is not to be overtly in-your-face but rather it’s more about leaving some things to the imagination.

And it’s certainly a tactic that keeps viewers coming back for more each week.

“We try to be really tasteful. Also, I think it’s like when you read a great book: the more that lives in your imagination, the more it belongs to you, the more you can see yourself in that situation,” she explained, adding with a smile, “And I think a lot of women want to see themselves in those situations!”

As for what's coming up on the love front for Olivia this season, the star revealed that the latest script was “very unexpected” and that everybody's jaw dropped as it was revealed that the game has “changed in a big way”.

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