Kevin Costner: 'I would've been Princess Diana's bodyguard in Bodyguard 2'

By admin
02 April 2014

The Bodyguard star Kevin Costner alleges he was planning on helping the late Princess Diana launch a film career and had scripted a role where he'd save her in the sequel to 1992's movie.

Kevin Costner's character in the follow-up to The Bodyguard was supposed to protect the late Princess Diana.

The 59-year-old actor first revealed he was planning on helping the Princess of Wales launch her film career just as he had for Whitney Houston - who played his on-screen love in the original 1992 movie - in 2012, and has now shared vague plot details.

He told fans at CinemaCon: "We had written a pretty interesting sequel for Bodyguard and Lady Diana was maybe going to be in that movie and I was going to protect her.

"We would talk and there was a very good chance we would have done it."

Kevin had promised to create a role especially for Diana - who passed away in 1997 following a car crash in Paris - and insists there is truth to the story despite the disbelief of many.

He added: "It was a real hotbed of discussion with a lot of people saying that it was not true. It was true.

"She had not committed to the movie, but she had asked for it to be written with her in mind."

- Bang Showbiz

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