Kevin Costner: My knees are too old

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21 February 2015

Kevin Costner's knees haven't aged well.

The Hollywood star celebrated his 60th birthday last month, but he still feels like a 20-something. However his body would beg to differ, with the actor confessing some of his joints are starting to show their age.

"I know. I loved the forties, and I can't do sh*t about the sixties, but I'm here. And I will tell you, honestly, I don't feel any different than when I was 20. I'm probably lucky to have my young children around me, the way they just force the action. My knees are a problem - I've had three operations on my left one. So yeah, I can't play defence, but I can still shoot," he laughed to Details magazine.

'I've had three operations on my left one'

Kevin has children Cayden, seven, Hayes, six, and four-year-old Grace with wife Christine Baumgartner. He also has older kids Anne, Lily, Joseph and Liam from previous relationships.

Despite recently hitting the milestone birthday, Kevin's career is not yet winding up. His latest film Black or White tells the story of a white grandfather’s custody battle over his mixed race grandchild with the family of the tot’s black father Reggie, played by Anthony Mackie.

The movie's entire $9million budget was financed by Kevin, and the star admits the set becomes a lot more personal when it's your own money at stake.

"What I need for people to do on set is focus on what the f**k we're doing. If I feed them well and house them well, and if they know I care about them, then I don't have a problem saying, 'We need a better effort out of everybody tonight. We're going to work late.' Now, I don't live that life where you shoot a hostage or five people get fired. I've only let two people go in my life," he revealed.

The money seems to have been well spent though, with lead actress Octavia Spencer already bagging a gong at the African-American Film Critics Association awards for her part.

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