Khanyi Mbau given the boot

By admin
01 July 2010

If you didn’t know better you’d think Theunis and Primrose Crous were a picture-perfect married couple, complete with two cute kids, a dream home and a selection of luxury cars at their disposal.

But as the country knows their marriage has been fraught with drama. The woman at the core of it is Khanyi Mbau, the socialite Theunis fell for hook, line and sinker and with whom he conducted a tempestuous affair.

But it’s all over, he says. He’s had enough of Khanyi and he’s starting over with Primrose - they’re even planning to renew their wedding vows, they say.

“I’ve always loved Primrose,” the 51-year-old businessman says. “Deep in my heart I knew I could never divorce my wife.”

Primrose (31) says she forgave Theunis because “I still love him”. Yet it can’t be easy for her simply to move on. For someone not used to life in the spotlight she must have gone through hell while Theunis conducted his very public affair but she earned much respect by remaining dignified and aloof.

“The past four months have been utter hell and it was just a matter of time before I ended it all,” he says. The final straw was when Khanyi stood over his bed in the dead of night, “speaking in tongues and performing a chilling ritual on me”.

A year ago he couldn’t imagine cheating on his wife, he begins, or having to deal with the fallout of a sordid affair. He was happily married, business was booming and the family had recently moved from Port Elizabeth to Joburg to build their company and enjoy the vibey city.

“Khanyi became like a drug,” he says. “I was addicted to her; if she snapped her fingers I’d jump. There was a time I didn’t see my children because I was running after her. I’ve had many temptations but until she came along I never fell into them.”

“When I was with her, it was like I was in a trance but I’ve finally woken up to reality.” He’s turned over a new leaf, he says, and is even closing his Facebook page. “I’ve taken Khanyi’s pictures off and I’m closing my account as we speak. I don’t think this is a place for me as a business person. I don’t need Facebook.”

He just needs Primrose. “I owe all my success to her. Her forgiveness is all that matters.”

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