Khloé and Caitlyn Jenner argue over ‘tough texts’

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14 August 2015

Khloé Kardashian felt the need to get “tough” with Caitlyn Jenner over Kris Jenner comments.

Prior to her transition into womanhood the 65-year-old Olympic athlete was married to Kris, the mother of their daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner, for 22 years.

Caitlyn announced her transgender reinvention in June through Vanity Fair magazine and during the interview with the publication she claimed the end of her marriage with Kris (59) primarily took place because she felt mistreated.

'We don't care what you're doing'

Khloé did not appreciate her former stepdad speaking about Kris in public this way, so she made her opinions on the matter known via text message.

"We haven't really gotten a chance to talk since you sent me all those tough texts," Caitlyn told Khloé in a new clip from a forthcoming episode of reality show I Am Cait.

Khloé responded to Caitlyn defensively, noting in a very hard tone she thought speaking about the divorce was out of order.

Apparently the 31-year-old’s older sister Kim, 34, was in agreement with her.

"Kim said that you said they were tough and Kim read all of them and she was like ‘these really weren't that tough,'" Khloé replied to Cait in the clip. "I just said ‘We don't care what you're doing.' Meaning we don't care if you want to transition. We want to support you and be there for you.

"But, we don't think that that entails you speaking negatively about my mum [Kris]. In our opinion, you don't even need to mention my mum...let's not drag my mum through the mud."

Khloé ended her side of the story by calling attention to how Caitlyn may have adversely affected her younger sisters Kendall and Kylie by talking about their mother Kris.

“I would think you would come from a place of more compassion, especially as you have two young daughters who are greatly affected by it,” she noted.

"That was really my premise through the text messages, and when you tried to tell me I don't know what I'm talking about..."

Caitlyn cut Khloé off before she finished the sentence, insisting her former stepdaughter actually is clueless about the situation.

"Because you don't know,” Caitlyn noted.

The episode in which this argument with Khloé plays out airs this Sunday on I Am Cait.

Kris and Caitlyn’s divorce was finalised on March 23.

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