Khloé K arrested for stealing a car at 15

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06 November 2015

Khloé Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner admonished her for her outfit when she got arrested for stealing a car at 15.

The reality TV star might be on the straight and narrow these days, but she’s had several brushes with the law over the years. She was arrested for DUI in 2007 but her troubles began long before that, with the 31-year-old star now opening up about some issues she had during her teenage years.

‘I am so ashamed of you, and look at this outfit, what are you wearing’

“I got arrested for stealing my mom’s car,” she said during a Q&A with her best friend Malika Haqq posted on Khloé’s website. “And I got pulled over. I was 15, driving my mom's stolen Range Rover, that I stole to go see an older boy, so I got arrested, got put in jail.

“They called my mom and I remember my mom when she picked me up she was like, ‘I am so ashamed of you, and look at this outfit, what are you wearing.’”

This wasn’t the only vehicle-related incident involving Khloé when she was younger – on another occasion she was driving Kris’ car when it ended up on fire, which caused her some difficulties. She insists she’s ‘borrowed’ the Range Rover so she could impress a date, but when the valet went to pick it up it was alight.

“That probably wouldn't classify as a worst date, that was one of your worst months,” Malika laughed.

“I can't believe we used to steal your parents cars. First of all what is shocking to me is that we got away with it for so long before they ever knew it was happening.”

The pair also got a little more serious, discussing who should be the next president of America. While Khloé admitted being a fan of “the Trump hotel” she isn’t sure flamboyant businessman Donald Trump is the right choice to run the country.

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