Khloé K ‘gets bodyguard after Lamar ambush’

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07 September 2015

Khloé Kardashian has been given extra security following her run in with ex-husband Lamar Odom last month, it has been claimed.

The 31-year-old reality star was startled when her former spouse approached her outside a gym in August. Khloé was reportedly so shaken by the incident that the E! network which airs her family’s reality show has hired extra security for her.

“Nobody was going to take any chances with Khloé’s safety, so the decision was made to hire bodyguards,” a source told Radar Online. “Of course, the whole drama is going to be a storyline for the upcoming season. Khloé didn’t want to pay for a bodyguard out of her own pocket when she wasn’t filming, but she hasn’t been alone since the incident with Lamar.”

'The whole drama is going to be a storyline for the upcoming season'

However Khloé doesn’t need as much man power when she’s at home, as it’s a place where she feels safe. She also has the added benefit of her loved ones being close by in case Lamar did try to get near her unexpectedly again.

“Khloé feels very secure at her mansion because she lives in a gated community, and her mansion is also behind gates,” the source explained. “She has cameras all over the property as well. Her brother Rob and boyfriend James Harden are constantly around.”

While the media insinuated Lamar ambushed his ex-wife, the basketball player was quick to defend himself.

“I am not, not, not the person that they're trying to make me out to be - whoever's doing it. I live in Las Vegas. I live in Las Vegas. So was there an address or place given? Listen, was there an address or place given, or I just guessed right? Don't put words in my mouth, wait until I finish talking. Did I just guess right? Where this girl might be, that I know?" he fumed to TMZ "Now I'm asking you. You know I know Khloé, right? Personally, right? You know I know her? So how would you think that I ended up there?"

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