Khloé K: ‘How I motivate myself to work out’

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15 November 2015

Reality star Khloé Kardashian mixes up her workouts to keep things fun.

Reality star Khloé Kardashian mixes up her workouts to keep things fun.

The 31 year old has transformed her figure in the last year, losing around 15kg through healthy eating and a regular exercise regime. Khloé has put all her experience into her new lifestyle book, Strong Looks Better Naked, and shared some of her top tips from the tome on

“I love switching up my workouts,” she said. “I find it really fun, and it keeps you wanting to work out. I’m not sure of my all-time favourite, but I loved when we were in St. Barts and did a spin class in the pool! It was fantastic and super hard.”

'I love switching up my workouts'

While Khloé and her sisters Kourtney (36) and Kim (35) enjoy working up a sweat together even when they’re on vacation, Khloé thinks a lot of people are getting lazier.

“I’m waiting for someone to come up with a workout that involves those boards that everyone rides around on (called Segways),” she continued. “People are getting so lazy that they don’t even walk anymore. So hopefully they’ll come up with something creative to incorporate those.”

Khloé’s curves have also been aided by the use of a waist trainer, with the star posting pictures of herself wearing one from time to time on social media.

The food she consumes is also important and while she recently admitted to being a “mindless eater” in the past, Khloé is now all about healthy ingredients.

“My signature healthy dish is brown rice, snap peas, and pine nuts,” she said. “Or I love chicken breast and steamed veggies with hummus. I’m obsessed with celery and almond butter. Today I snacked on raspberries, candied walnuts, pita chips and hummus, iced green tea all throughout the day, and a few handfuls of Skittles. I’m a huge grazer!”

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