Khloé K: I annoyed Kourtney

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03 November 2014

Khloé Kardashian admits she and sister Kourtney “weren’t meshing” in New York.

The siblings filmed their reality show, Khloé and Kourtney Take the Hamptons, over the summer. Kourtney’s partner Scott Disick partied wildly during filming, which resulted in him being locked out of the house by his pregnant girlfriend and having to seek treatment in the emergency room for alcohol poisoning. And Khloé believes her sister Kourtney blamed her for influencing Scott’s bad behaviour.

‘I just feel like we weren’t meshing as well throughout every day’

“I think, at times, me trying to be helpful I think maybe got on her nerves because she would feel either left out if I was trying to keep Scott busy or do stuff with Scott, which you’ll see,” Khloé told MTV News. “She would kind of get mad at me if I invited him places and I know the situation isn’t anything toxic or bad, she just thought I always wanted him to be out. I just feel like we weren’t meshing as well throughout every day.”

Khloé has a lot on her plate right now, having recently ended her romantic relationship with rapper French Montana.

She told Us Weekly there is “no bad blood” between them and it appears French thinks there’s even a possibility they’ll get back together.

“Our relationship – you break up you make up, you break up you make up," 29-year-old French told Us Weekly. "We went through that a couple times. You never know. She's my baby forever. She's good. She's the best. I love how she is.”

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