Khloé K speaks up for Kylie in a seriously weird way

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28 July 2015

Khloé Kardashian thinks she was “probably f**king someone in their twenties” when she was 16.

The reality star made the comments in defence of her 17-year-old half-sister Kylie Jenner, who is in a relationship with rapper Tyga, 25. While many have questioned their romance, the 31-year-old doesn’t see what the problem is.

'I wouldn't say I was even dating, probably just sleeping with them'

“I think at 16 I was probably f**king someone that was in their twenties, for sure," she told Complex magazine. "I wouldn't say I was even dating, probably just sleeping with them. Kylie might be 17, but from what Kylie has been through and the life she lives, she's not a normal 17-year-old.”

Khloé explained how unlike many of her siblings peers, Kylie isn’t having slumber parties with her pals or going to prom. The teen recently bought her first home ahead of her 18th birthday on August 10 and her big sister thinks that is a prime example of how different she is to other girls her age.

“Kylie is taking business meetings and bought her first house, or she's going on a private plane with Karl Lagerfeld to take a meeting. That's not even what people do in their thirties,” she continued. “It's a rare circumstance, so let's treat this as a special case."

Khloé also has older sisters Kim and Kourtney as well as younger brother Rob and half sister Kendall. She is extremely proud of her siblings and will always leap to their defence if people criticise them.

“I am a lion and these are my cubs," she said. "Don't f**k with my cubs 'cause I will rip your head off."

Khloé also touched on her relationship with Kim. While the pair have butted heads on their reality show from time to time, the star thinks Kim’s marriage to Kanye West has helped bring them closer together.

“Kim and I are way more understanding of each other, but Kim being married to Kanye is a completely different Kim," she confessed. "Kim is so at peace with herself... What I love about Kanye is that he wants to build her up instead of take her down.”

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