Kids were on a birthday party scavenger hunt make gruesome discovery

By admin
22 June 2015

This bizarre find was definitely not on their list.

Anybody missing an eyeball?

Children found one on the ground in the parking lot outside a fast food restaurant in Oregon.

According to Fox 12 Oregon, the group of children on a birthday were on a birthday party scavenger hunt a Red Robin Burger restaurant.

What they found, however, was not on their list -- a transparent, yellow medicine container, with an eyeball nestled inside. It was lying next to a pair of broken glasses, shower gel and a lighter.

The children showed it to restaurant employees, who informed the police.

Authorities have yet to determine if they eyeball belonged to an animal or a human.

The bizarre -- and somewhat gruesome -- discovery is now in the hands of medical examiner, in order to determine the origin.

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