Kim Kardashian’s 'boring' honeymoon

By Lara Atson
05 June 2014

Talk about ungrateful. It looks as if reality star Kim Kardashian (33) was bored during her Irish honeymoon – because, among other things, Ireland doesn’t have the exclusive shops she’s accustomed to. Kim and her husband, rapper Kanye West (36), apparently smiled seldom and weren’t really lovey dovey when they were out and about, according to sources.

Kanye thought it would be romantic to have their honeymoon in Ireland because it’s a special place for Kim and him. Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner (58) and her stepfather, Bruce Jenner (64) also went there on honeymoon in 1991. But Kim was allegedly disappointed with Kanye’s choice. She’d had a more glittering holiday in mind, especially after their extravagant Italian wedding. But she didn’t let on anything on Twitter. She only tweeted about how “romantic” their honeymoon was. “We spent Kanye's bday in Ireland a few years back & fell in love with it," she tweeted. “It’s such a peaceful place.” Well, it was clearly too peaceful for her because she allegedly told her mom on the phone she was bored and her honeymoon was awful.

'All she wants to do is shop. There isn’t a lot going on with her other than that'

A source says the couple didn’t visit the usual tourist haunts. “Not only did they skip the touristy stuff, they also spent an entire afternoon riding mountain bikes on the muddy and treacherous trails in the Ballyhoura Mountains north of Cork. And that couldn’t have been very romantic, not with two assistants and two bodyguards in tow!

“Kanye had planned an outing in Dublin that included a private tour of Trinity College, but Kim persuaded him not to go,” the source says. “The idea of going to old museums, as Kim says, would have just bored her to death. All she wants to do is shop. There isn’t a lot going on with her other than that.”

The couple went to two movies on one day. “Only Kim Kardashian could go to one of the most beautiful countries in the world and instead of experiencing local culture, would rather go to the movies.

“How pathetic to be so small minded. Two different movie theaters in one day, really? If Kanye wasn’t concerned about Kim’s obsession with shopping he should be now!”

On the fourth day of their honeymoon poor Kim was so bored that she begged Kanye to fly to the Czech capital, Prague, a day early to attend the wedding of his personal stylist, Renelou Padora. Kim was happy when they arrived there, says someone in the know, because all she wanted to do was hang out in exclusive boutiques and restaurants.

It looks as if Kanye will have to be made of stern stuff to survive with this diva!


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