Kim K’s hairdresser talks wedding hair

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29 January 2015

Chris McMillan doesn’t think a wedding is the right time to “do anything trendy”.

The celebrity hairdresser was in charge of styling Kim Kardashian’s locks when she tied the knot with Kanye West in Florence, Italy in May last year. The reality star went for a glamorous half up, half down style for her nuptials and in his latest column for Allure magazine, Chris has explained how the look came about.

“A wedding is not the time to do anything trendy," he said. "I teased her crown, parted her hair down the middle, and pulled two small sections straight back. This style has sort of become her go-to look since the wedding."

'A wedding is not the time to do anything trendy'

The 34-year-old’s raven locks are a huge part of her brand image. So it’s no surprise that she wanted Chris to take charge of them after they met in four years ago on a photo shoot that was being filmed for her show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Chris has to adapt to the texture of each client’s hair, and while he can push against what the strands want to do naturally with some people, when it comes to Kim, he finds it easier to work with what’s in front of him and has never used extensions on her.

“Kim's long, gorgeous hair is part of her identity," he added. “Kim's natural texture is so thick and wavy. Instead of fighting it, I like to go with it, keeping everything soft, easy, and understated.”

Kim isn’t the only famous face on his books. He has famously tended to Jennifer Aniston’s tresses for 20 years and created the iconic ‘Rachel’ hair do in the 1990s.

The Cake actress recently revealed how Chris knows when to approach her about changing her look.

“It's absolutely not a conscious thing. I just go with my instinct," she explained to British magazine Harper's Bazaar. "It's very spontaneous when he chops it off, otherwise I'd overthink it. He usually convinces me at the end of a photo shoot, when I'm tired."

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