Kim: People have screamed at North

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27 October 2014

Kim Kardashian's daughter North has been the target of racial abuse.

The reality TV star married rapper Kanye West in May and they welcomed their daughter in June last year.
'Some people accept it, some don't'

While her husband has been fairly vocal about people who have a problem with interracial marriage, 34-year-old Kim has remained relatively quiet. Now she has opened up about her experiences with racism.

"I get completely what [Kanye is] saying and some people accept it, some don't," she said on the topic to BBC Newsbeat.

"I'm just so open-minded and think everyone should be that way. It's ridiculous - I've encountered a little bit of racism here and there, especially travelling to different places. I think people are a little sceptical to shout things out to Kanye but when he's not there they will say it to me. People have said things to my daughter, really crazy things."

Since starting a family, Kim has taken more time to prioritise and find moments to relax with her loved ones. Now North is 16 months old, she's starting to engage more in activities with her mom and dad.

"I love to go to the zoo. It's fun to see at this age that she is recognising different animals and make the sounds. She loves dogs and laughs every time she hears the word kitty," the proud mother smiled.

She also divulged which alternative career path she would have taken, had her celebrity status not taken off. The former stylist would either be a make-up artist or a forensic investigator because she loves "solving murder mysteries".

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