Kim responds to cocaine allegations

By Nici De Wet
12 July 2017

"I do not play with rumours like this."

Kim Kardashian has come out guns blazing against the rumours a recent video she posted on Snapchat allegedly showed lines of cocaine in the background.

The reality star took to her Snapchat and Twitter accounts last night to show that the two white lines were actually markings on a marble table, saying, "After all that, this table at the background - is a marble table, you guys! Like, come on!"

The 36-year-old came under fire after eagle-eyed social media users noticed the suspicious-looking lines during a recent Snapchat video where she spoke about her children's fashion line.

She was however quick to shut the speculation down, writing on Twitter,

"I do not play with rumours like this so I'm gonna shut it down real quick. That's sugar from our candy mess from Dylan's candy shop [which they'd visited]."

However later she changed her mind, saying it was actually just the table in a new video. "Okay you guys, I just got back to my hotel room. And look at this table, the same position. It is still there!" she said while showing off the white markings on the marble table.

Sources: Daily Mail, Twitter, Snapchat

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