Kim ‘shocked by Scott’s reckless actions’

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11 March 2015

Kim Kardashian apparently thinks Scott Disick’s recent behaviour is “totally reckless”.

Scott, the long-term partner of Kim’s older sister, Kourtney, ditched several commitments in London, England, to travel to Paris to party with Kim and husband Kanye West.

And Kim is said to be stunned that Scott would be so disrespectful.

'She is really worried that he isn’t thinking about his family first'

“Kim was totally shocked when Scott showed up,” a Kardashian source told “She couldn’t believe that he would blow off events that he had been paid for to come to Paris. Kim is all about business and this was business. He had been paid to be there and he totally shirked his responsibility.”

The 31-year-old had left fans disappointed when he cancelled several pit-stops on his UK tour to go to France, where Kim and Kanye were attending Paris Fashion Week and its various parties.

And while Scott’s agent denied several fans’ claims that the reality star had appeared intoxicated when he did attend some of his appearances, Kim is reportedly concerned that his actions are indicative of more destructive behaviour to come.

“Kim thinks Scott was totally reckless by ditching the British events to come to Paris,” the source added. “She is really worried that he isn’t thinking about his family first. And if he can’t get his life under control then she wants him to get help. Either go back to rehab or figure out something else that will work.

“Kim wants the best for Kourtney and she doesn’t want to see her sister’s family put in jeopardy over Scott’s behaviour. This has to stop now.”

Following his disinterest during one of his tour stops in Manchester, Scott is apparently being sued for breach of contract.

Sources at the event told that Scott refused to answer questions from fans, and people who had paid $145 per ticket for VIP entry were told not to speak to, or touch, Scott while posing for pictures.

The PR company told they have initiated legal proceedings against the father-of-three, but he has yet to respond.

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