Kim 'torn between baby or body'

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14 April 2015

Kim Kardashian is reportedly torn between working out and relaxing her diet.

The 34-year-old reality TV star and her husband Kanye West are parents to 21-month-old daughter North and are desperately trying for a second baby. Kim has been told she might find it hard to fall pregnant again, which has apparently made her consider whether she needs to be easier on her body in order to make it happen.

"Kim is torn between working out and getting tiny, or relaxing her diet and having a baby. The third problem is that she wants to lose as much weight as she can before getting pregnant, so she doesn't get as big as she did last time round. The fat-shaming when she was pregnant with North was horrific," an insider told British magazine Heat.

'The fat-shaming when she was pregnant with North was horrific'

The star has been open about struggling to drop her baby weight over the last couple of years. Although she is now looking trim, she regularly posts pictures on Twitter telling fans that she was once much skinnier.

It's claimed Kanye also wants her to keep up with her gym trips so she can fit into high fashion attire, which usually only comes in small sizes.

"He wants Kim to be able to wear all the designer clothes he bought at Paris Fashion Week, but when she gets worn down and says this is just her natural body shape, he compares her to Kendall [Jenner, Kim's 19-year-old model half sister], saying they have the same genes, so she can do it!" the source claimed.

Kim has been working with various trainers in her bid to tone up and recently opened up about Kanye's views on an episode of her show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. He apparently lost his cool when her fitness coach said she wouldn't help Kim lose 15lbs. as it wasn't necessary.

"Do you want to die? Kanye literally went crazy on the trainer today," Kim was seen saying on the programme.

"She [the trainer] was like, no way, I can’t imagine you 15 pounds lighter. And Kanye’s like 'Wait a minute, you are the trainer and you’re telling me you can’t imagine her 15 pounds lighter?' So [Kanye said] we need to get another trainer then, because if I tell you that she needs to lose weight in between her toe[s] you are going to figure out a f**king toe weight."

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