Kimye ‘fighting over radiation exposure’

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15 May 2015

Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian are reportedly arguing over electronic radiation.

The Hollywood couple have been married since May 2014 and they share daughter North together, who turns two years old on June 15.

Kim’s reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians has made her entire family famous worldwide, but it’s claimed Kanye is freaking out about how possible radiation from cameras could be impacting their toddler’s health.

'Kanye wants to keep North away from all screens'

“Kanye wants to keep North away from all screens – cellphones, tablets and big TVs – because he’s convinced the electronics are bad for her,” a source told Radar Online. “He even insists everyone leave their phones at the door when entering the nursery!”

Kanye’s alleged electronic radiation fear has purportedly become quite a bone of contention between him and Kim.

Apparently the pair are do not agree with each other at all over the topic.

“It’s the biggest parenting argument they have and now it’s turned into war,” the insider detailed.

“Kim thinks [the threat of radiation is] total rubbish and has spent hours digging up links that prove it’s not true.”

Kim released a book of her selfies called Selfish on May 5, a title published by Rizzoli New York.

But Kanye supposedly despises her endless selfie-taking and is worried about how the practice will impact their daughter.

“Kanye does NOT like it when Kim encourages North with selfies,” the source said. “He hit the roof when she boasted about it online. It totally undermines him.”

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