Kirstie Alley: Bieber’s so handsome!

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19 January 2015

Kirstie Alley wants to “make out with” Justin Bieber.

The 64-year-old actress already made an announcement on Twitter last week about how starry-eyed she was over the 20-year-old singer’s topless Calvin Klein campaign. Now she’s dished on just how smitten with him she truly is.

'I'm just all over Justin Bieber. I want to make out with him'

"Let's go ‘make out' first because we've all seen Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein [photos]. He's so handsome," Kirstie told the Rachael Ray Show when choosing which question she wanted to be asked. "What a handsome man. I'm just all over Justin Bieber. I want to make out with him."

But the Baby hitmaker isn’t the only one on the TV star’s mind. She’s also set her sights on 20-year-old One Direction singer Harry Styles, as she detailed.

"I want to marry Harry because I want to go on tour with him because I want to seem younger," she laughed, before turning her commentary to Nick Jonas: "I'm not so familiar with Mr. Jonas, but he's very cute. He's just not a booty call like Bieber."

Kirstie has a long list of requirements that either Justin, Nick or Harry would need to meet if they were going to be her match – or any other man, for that matter. According to her, being funny and enjoying police procedurals is important.

"They don't have to be funny, but they have to be witty and quick," the actress noted. "I have to have someone who also loves to watch TV at night—Forensic Files, for example, or Law & Order."

When Justin’s shirtless Calvin Klein photo shoot was released last week, Kirstie took to Twitter to gush over his apparently muscular body. She claimed he was so “sexy” she almost couldn’t stand up.

“YIKES If Bieber looked any sexier in his 20 foot NYC Calvin billboard I would faint!!! Man oh man (sic),” she wrote.

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