Kit Harington: Jon Snow's freaky

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18 May 2015

Kit Harington wouldn't go for a beer with Jon Snow.

Kit plays the noble role in medieval drama Game of Thrones, but says he wouldn't take him down to the local pub.

He's also not keen to go out with his latest alter ego Will Holloway, from movie Spooks: The Greater Good.

"Considering they’re both incarnations of me, I’m not keen to go on a beer with either of them... I reckon Will; he’d have some secrets. I reckon Jon would be completely freaked out in a modern setting. He wouldn’t know what was going on," Kit told British Esquire.

'He wouldn’t know what was going on'

Spooks: The Greater Good is the big screen adaptation of the hit BBC TV series, which was last on air in 2011.

Like the TV show the action is set in London, which was fun for Kit as he has always called the British capital home.

"It was lovely – I’m a London boy, so it was nice to be able to go home every evening. I also got to spend time on some of London’s greatest landmarks – like the National Theatre where I began my career [in War Horse], running around on the roof with a gun. There are some great shots of London in this. It’s a real homage," he smiled.

The new flick is the latest the 28-year-old star can add to his action hero credentials. As well as sword swinging Jon and gun totting Will, Kit has also played a gladiator in Pompeii and voiced dragon slayer Eret in How to Train Your Dragon 2.

"I do [like the challenge of action]. It’s not solely what I want to do; I didn’t set out to be a sword-wielding hero or Bruce Willis. I always look for what I can enjoy in a script – in what is going to make me happy – and as it happens, while I’m still young, a bit of action is quite fun," he smiled.

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