Kit Harington's Game of Thrones costume stinks

By admin
13 April 2015

Kit Harington's Game of Thrones cloak has started to smell like wet dog.

The 28-year-old actor stars as Jon Snow in the fantasy TV show, which begins its fifth season from today. He has to wear an other-wordly costume for the programme, which has also taken on a whiff of its own.

"When it rains, they smell like wet dog," he told British magazine Heat of the cloaks. "I think I wear the same costume I've always worn since halfway through season one - the cloak has got years of sh*t on it now."

'I think I wear the same costume I've always worn since halfway through season one'

Jon is in a military order called the Night's Watch, along with characters played by Ben Crompton, John Bradley-West and Simon Armstrong. The guys get along as well when the cameras aren't rolling as they do on set, which Kit believes comes through on screen.

"We have such fun, us in the Night's Watch. We're good friends now. The hours that we spend in a freezing green room [between scenes] chatting sh*t to each other up at Castle Black are as important, I think, for the scenes we do being brothers-in-arms. I mean, this isn't a Lars von Trier movie. It's a fantasy and if you can't laugh at yourself in a cloak, you've missed the point," he said.

For the role Kit had to learn to sword fight, something he's very proud of. Now he knows so much he doesn't need that much training and is pleased he looks so believable on screen.

"I really enjoy it now. It's all about deftness of movement, fluidity and knowing exactly where the sword is to be drawn and flicked and brought down," he laughed.

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