Kliptown kid to world hero

By admin
19 October 2012

He grew up in a Soweto shack. Now his efforts to change the lives of children like him is earning him international recognition

Like the other finalists in CNN’s Heroes 2012 competition he’s just an ordinary guy who does what he can each day to improve the lives of people on his little patch of the world.

Thulani Madondo (30) performs his heroic work in a cluster of buildings belonging to the Kliptown Youth Program. The wall around the complex, which used to house a Catholic char- ity, helps to create a safe haven for the chil- dren of this poor community.

He has toiled here for the past five years to provide these kids with education that will lead to a brighter future.

Read all about this humble hero, interviewed by Sulaiman Philip, in YOU 25 October 2012.

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