Know your skin tone

By admin
26 November 2013

Three easy tests will help you determine your skin’s undertones. Try them!

These tests will change your beauty life for the better. It might sound like a minor detail to know your skin tone but we guarantee this will be your most empowering realisation yet. Take any one of the three tests below and you’ll never be a victim of unflattering make-up from this day on.

1.     The vein check

Using the inside of your wrists is one of the most accurate ways to determine your tone. Individuals with cool tones will have blue/purple-looking veins and people with warm tones will have green-looking ones. Identifying this will be slightly difficult should you have neutral tones.

2.     Use your jewellery

Try on a choice of silver and gold jewellery and see which look best on you. Be very critical. If the silver works best then you belong to the cool-toned range and if gold flatters you, you belong to the warm spectrum. Should they both appear suitable you’re neutral.

3.     Mirror test

Take a moment to stand in front of a mirror in a well-lit room dressed in pure white with your hair covered. Cover all the surfaces and furniture around you in white (this is easier to do in the bathroom). The white surroundings will expose the colour that lies beneath your skin. If you’re seeing blue you have cool undertones, yellow means warm undertones and green, neutral undertones.

-Lerato Seuoe: beauty editor, YOU

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